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Companies say they want culture change but push back against the process and discomfort of change

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Companies fail when processes and people protect the status quo instead of propelling the company's vision.

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Change agents transform human behavior while being mere mortals themselves.

The role language plays in shaping who we become and what we believe at work.

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Feeling empathy is…

Why I praise my young daughter for critical thinking and disagreeing with us.

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Vaccine conversations at work extend far beyond info-sharing into the land of who’s a good person and who’s not.

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Sensitive, Defensive, Difficult, Snobby. I heard it all.

So, what happened?

  • I worked out at the office gym during lunch instead of going out to eat with the team. I was seen as snobby.
  • My clothing, in particular tights with knee-length dresses, made others uncomfortable. …

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Courtney Branson

soulful thoughts on working and parenting

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